Q: What is the long-term prospect of the deal?
A: The agreement will likely collapse under its own weight.

  • The deal’s many loopholes and the lack of political will to hold Iran to the terms of the JCPOA mean that the agreement does not prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon, but rather invites and encourages the Islamic Republic to cheat, deceit and develop a covert weapons program.
  • Even if Iran plays by the rules, the fatal flaw of the deal means that the outcome will be the same. Tehran will emerge as a nuclear threshold state with an industrial-size enrichment program and almost no breakout time in a decade from now, as well as with hundreds of billions of dollars from sanctions relief and international trade deals that will make it immune to future economic sanctions and allow the regime to pursue its hegemonic ambitions unabated arm in arm with terrorist organizations and rogue regimes that threaten the security of Israel, the United States and its allies.